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Wholeness & Goodness

Wholeness is the nature of universe, how things are. Goodness is the skillful means by which we realize this nature. When we do anything that is good for us, eat well, take a walk, meditate or read a book, we feel better, we’re happier. When we have a kind thought,

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A Rant About Ignorance

What a shame it is that so many of us continue to wallow in the ignorance of self cherishing, thinking that we are so different or unique from anyone that doesn’t share our delusions. We are so willing to sacrifice any sense of decency, courtesy or kindness for the sake

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Cause & Condition

How or what I am today has not been easily obtained, it’s taken me decades to learn what it means to be effortless, without aims or expectations that attach to an outcome. The tendency is for me to tell you how it is, what needs to done or undone, or

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Spiritual Practice

What does it mean to do Spiritual Practice? For most of us there is a very uneasy balance in our lives, we teeter on the edge of work and worry, enjoyment and irritation, comfort and fear. It’s difficult at times to know what’s important, we’re caught up and carried away

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Consciousness: The Cradle of Creation

What is the source of everything we experience? The material world that we live and work in is the result of specific causes and conditions. Natural elements compounded through the dynamics of physics, chemistry and the natural forces of heat, pressure and time produce the universe of mineral and biological

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